Interview with Dr. Jaschon Proctor in Authority Magazine

Interview with Dr. Jaschon Proctor in Authority Magazine
February 23, 2022

Interview with Dr. Jaschon Proctor in Authority Magazine

In June 2021, Dr. Jaschon Proctor, CEO of Honor First and the Queen Shirley Foundation (QSF), was interviewed for Authority Magazine by Paul Moss. The interview was part of a series with successful founders and business leaders called “Five Things You Need to Create a Highly Successful Startup.”

Dr. Proctor discussed the multiple obstacles she overcame growing up in Detroit, Michigan as a person of color living in poverty who was raised by a mom with a mental illness. She highlighted her career as a clinical therapist focusing on mental health, and her PHD in business that helped with her multiple startups. Dr. Proctor explained what motivated her to start Honor First, which now offers virtual mental health therapy in all 50 states covered by insurance.

She shared her business philosophy and wisdom in hopes of inspiring others.

“We are a human company. We understand keeping an eye on the bottom line is important, however it is also essential to appreciate employees and have empathy.”

“Culture is what we need in the world to help people of all backgrounds and races understand diversity.”

Dr. Proctor explained the three character traits that are essential to her success.

“Humility – I have made millions of mistakes, it is ok to admit it and become better.”

“Motivation – If you do not get up and work, you are just a dreamer.”

“Honesty – Transparency is so important in business. If you are honest about your intentions, people will work with you.”

Finally, she shared her advice for maintaining optimal mental health.

“Get plenty of sleep, the work will be staring at you tomorrow. Take time out to plan healthy meals, you will not survive on junk food. Get a hobby and do it. Step away from work to smell the flowers. The biggest mistake in starting a company is losing the passion it took to get you where you are. It will happen quickly if you burn out.”

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