March 22, 2022

Take a Virtual Vacation in Five Minutes

When you need to quickly relax and manage stress, take a five-minute virtual vacation. What is a virtual vacation?  When you explore a new destination by watching a video online, you are taking a virtual vacation. Some virtual vacations include narrators explaining the destination or instructing you with relaxation techniques, while others feature nature sounds. We rounded up the best five-minute virtual vacations for you, including several 5 minute virtual walking tours and three virtual beach escapes. From relaxing on the beach to touring European cities, you are sure to find a soothing option here to help you manage stress. The next time you are feeling stressed at work, school, or home, try one of these five-minute virtual vacations.


Are you looking for more quick virtual tours? Select your favorite city to take a walking tour virtual vacation. You can also take a virtual field trip by selecting one of 31 ideas for educational destinations, including zoos, museums, and space centers.

For more ideas for managing stress virtually, explore virtual therapeutic workshops with the Queen Shirley Foundation.