FAQs for
Workshop Participants

QSF offers two types of virtual workshops – therapeutic workshops and general workshops. Our therapeutic workshops in art, music, dance, theater, and writing are medically recommended as part of a treatment plan. The therapeutic workshops are covered by insurance in the US. We are working on being able to accept some insurances in Canada. We also accept private pay for clients in Canada. Each workshop will have a list of materials posted before registering, so clients can select the specific workshop with a materials list that best fits their budget.

Our virtual general workshops meet only once and have a very small fee, approximately $10. Anyone can attend our general workshops. These are self-care workshops in many areas, including body positivity, holistic lifestyle, skin care, hair care, makeup, and fashion.

Each artist teacher will have specific materials needed for their workshop and will complete a “materials required list” for their workshop. Workshop participants will look at the lists to help choose workshops based on what materials they can access and afford. Workshop participants will purchase their own materials.

Our therapeutic visual arts and music workshops will being in June 2022. Then, we will be adding other therapeutic and general workshops this summer.

Currently, our therapeutic workshop are for adults and teens ages 15 and up, but we will be adding workshops for youth under 15 in the future. Anyone can attend our general workshops.

QSF therapeutic workshops are offered in art, music, dance, drama, and writing. They are taught by people we have hired who specialize in fine arts or performing arts. The instructors are mentored by an art therapist. Mental health clinicians will also attend each therapeutic workshop group.

Clients, also called workshop participants, complete an intake process and then select a workshop according to their needs, interests, and ability to access required art materials.

Clients will be able to view portfolios of instructors online. Clients can express their interests to our intake counselors, who will fill the classes. Once a workshop meets the maximum number of clients, the workshop will close.

To ensure an interactive and enjoyable experience for the participants, we have a maximum attendance of 25 per workshop.

Our therapeutic workshops usually meet twice per week for two hours for 6-8 weeks. Choose the workshop time that best fits your schedule. Workshops will be offered 7 days per week between 9 am – 7 pm for both Eastern Time and Pacific Time.

Our general workshops meet only once at one set time.

All workshops will meet virtually on Zoom (healthcare platform). You can attend from a computer with webcam, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. For art workshops, make sure you have empty space on your table or desk to complete art projects during the workshop.