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Are you looking for a fun and creative way to work on your mental health online?

Try a QSF therapeutic workshop in art or music!

The Queen Shirley Foundation (QSF) offers virtual therapeutic workshops for teens and adults that are led by trained creatives and mental health clinicians. These medically directed workshops are covered by insurance in the US. Workshops meet online twice per week for two hours for six weeks. QSF therapeutic workshops in visual arts and music begin in June.

Our Mission

The Queen Shirley Foundation provides comprehensive therapy through the arts to alleviate mental health issues and their stigma.

Browse by Workshop Media

Select your workshop by browsing visual arts media and music media. A good option for visual arts beginners is The Basics. We also have many other options if you want to focus on one visual arts medium, such as collage or painting. There are music workshops you can participate in with no instruments. For each workshop, you can view a required materials list, which will cost $25 or less for a 6-week session. 

Browse by Workshop Instructor

View the portfolios of our many talented artists and musicians from around the world. These creatives are trained and mentored by an art therapist to lead therapeutic workshops with a mental health clinician. They are eager to share their talents with you and help you work on your mental health in a creative way.

Instructor Highlights

These videos are a sampling of our hundreds of talented artists and musicians who have stepped up to teach QSF therapeutic workshops. Watch now to hear their personal stories and see their creative talents. 

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George & Nicole Burnett

Watch George Burnett, a musician, and his wife Nicole Burnett, a visual artist. They share their health improvement journey and their joy for creative arts.

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Rodney Aleshire

Watch Rodney Aleshire, a self-taught musician. He explains how music helped him heal.

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Christian Valdes

Watch Christian Valdes, a musician from Colombia, talk about the power of music. He came to the US to study jazz and become a composer.

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Jayaminide Silva

Watch Jayaminide Silva, a visual artist in the UK, discuss her passion for art.

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