Therapeutic Theater Workshops

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The Queen Shirley Foundation (QSF) offers virtual therapeutic workshops for teens and adults that are led by trained creatives and mental health clinicians. These medically directed workshops are covered by insurance in the US. Most workshops meet online twice per week for two hours for six weeks. You will enjoy working on your mental health online in a QSF therapeutic theater workshop taught by thespians or theater directors.

Therapeutic Theater Workshops

In therapeutic theater workshops, you intentionally use theater techniques to work on mental health goals. Expressing feelings and solving problems is done through experiential activities and games. Learning to express yourself effectively in any situation is an essential skill for leading a mentally healthy lifestyle.

Online therapeutic theater workshops help you practice and develop creativity skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, and self-expression skills. Role-playing, theater games, improv, and acting allow you to express your feelings, channel your emotions, and build self-confidence. You will learn how to show your real feelings in an authentic way, so you can stop suffering in silence and stop pretending you’re okay. A virtual theater workshop is helpful for people of all ages, with or without prior theater experience.