Self Care Workshops

Self-Care Workshops

Let us help you embark on a journey of personal
growth and self-discovery.

Welcome to the virtual self-care workshops at the Queen Shirley Foundation (QSF). Let us help you embark on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery by giving you the tools to increase your self-esteem and self-worth on your quest for self-love. Our goal is to provide ways to encourage you to express your individuality through beauty regimens that will give you self-confidence and ultimately increase your self-love.

Self Care Instructors coming soon.

body positivity
Body Positivity

Learning to love your body at any size is essential for self-love. Everyone deserves a positive body image regardless of social constructs. Learn to treat yourself with self-compassion and, free yourself from judgement.

Skin Care

Learn the best skin care regimen for your age, skin type, and lifestyle. Create a skin care routine to benefit you now and in the future. Get healthy glowing skin from your new self-care routines.

Hair Care
Hair Care

Get expert advice on taking care of your hair type. Find out the best haircut for your face shape in the Face Framed workshop. Learn how to embrace Black curly hair in the workshop called Black Girls and Their Beautiful Curls.


Fashion allows to express yourself. In your quest to self-love, learn the most flattering fashion styles for your shape and size. You can look your best at any size with the tips you learn in the Fit to Figure workshop.

Fitness & Lifestyle

Self-care includes paying attention to your nutrition and fitness. Food, exercise, and sleep routines have a big impact on your mood, weight, and energy. Learn lifestyle hacks to boost your mood and energy.

applying makeup diversity

The Art of Beauty through Makeup workshop explores the concepts of using makeup as art to express creativity and individuality. In the All Shades All Good workshop, we will help people with darker shades finally find makeup to match their skin tone.

Are you a beauty professional?

We welcome beauty professionals in all specialties to learn how you can impact someone’s life for the good by becoming an instructor for the Queen Shirley Foundation. Interested in becoming an instructor for our virtual self-care workshops? Fill out this form for more information.