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The Queen Shirley Foundation (QSF) offers virtual therapeutic workshops for teens and adults that are led by trained creatives and mental health clinicians. These medically directed workshops are covered by insurance in the US. Most workshops meet online twice per week for two hours for six weeks. You will enjoy working on your mental health online in a QSF therapeutic comedy workshop.

Laughter instructors coming soon.

Therapeutic Laughter Workshop

Yes, it is true that laughter is the best medicine! Laughter is a proven stress reliever, mood booster, and pain reliever. Laughing is actually a workout for your muscles and releases endorphins to fight stress. Famous comedians, including Harriet Dyer, Raymond Orta, Bob Stromberg, and Giulia Rozzi, have used humor for healing.

How can you get in touch with you humorous side, and learn to use laughter as a therapeutic technique to improve your mental and physical health? QSF therapeutic laughter workshops are led by comedians and mental health clinicians who will guide you in using laughter as a therapeutic technique. You will learn how to use laughter appropriately in a variety of situations.