Our Mission

The Queen Shirley Foundation provides comprehensive therapy
through the arts to alleviate mental health issues and their stigma.

What is the Queen Shirley Foundation?

The Queen Shirley Foundation (QSF) is a nonprofit foundation, 501(C)(3), which provides a holistic approach to mental health through virtual workshops for people living anywhere in the United States or Canada. The foundation and Honor First LLC is also opening a Health and Wellness Social Club called, Honor First Sanctuary in beautiful, Downtown Algonac, Michigan, one block from Lake St. Clair. The sanctuary is a highly diversified integrative resort-styled health and wellness center opening in early of 2023. The interactive community website focuses on inner transformation, self-exploration activities, tapping into creativity, and well-being education, while supporting networking with other like-minded participants. QSF is a multicultural organization serving people of all ages, races, ethnicities, religions, gender identities, and socioeconomic statuses. Our programs are for adults, teens, and children, including people with disabilities, older adults, and those living on a low income.

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Our Values

Respect Kindness Accountability Confidentiality Reliability Personal Service Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Mental Health

Our Vision

The Queen Shirley Foundation envisions an inclusive society where mental health care is accessible and affordable for everyone. When mental health care is routinely sought without stigma, it is the foundation for building healthier communities and a healthier world. We want everyone to be able to receive effective, accessible, and quality care in order to maintain mental well-being.

Our Purpose

We are especially focused on ensuring that everyone feels that they can access quality behavioral and mental health care. Everyone deserves to work with a therapist that understands their unique needs and cultural experiences. We are focused not only on the importance of mental health during a pandemic, but the importance of mental health awareness for everyone during any situation.

Who Founded QSF and Why?

In 2019, The Queen Shirley Foundation was founded as an adjunct and complementary nonprofit organization to Honor First’s professional therapeutic services. Dr. Jaschon Proctor is the CEO of Honor First, a mental health practice in Michigan that uses 100% telehealth mental health services. As a female CEO of Native American, Nigerian, and Pakistani descent, Dr. Jaschon Proctor knows first-hand the mental health struggles patients and caregivers face and the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in mental health.

Who is Queen Shirley

The Queen Shirley Foundation was founded and named in honor of Dr. Jaschon Proctor’s mother, Queen Shirley. Her mother’s journey through her mental illness, and its eventual alleviation through a holistic therapeutic approach, convinced Dr. Proctor that an individual’s mental health can be radically and positively altered with this approach.