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April 14, 2022

Virtual Mental Health Resources for Schools

The Queen Shirley Foundation offers virtual mental health resources for schools and online mental health support for students, parents, and teachers. From therapeutic workshops to creating custom mental health services, our national mental health resources can support any school community. Our virtual therapeutic workshops are ideal for high school students.

The Queen Shirley Foundation (QSF) is a nonprofit foundation, 501(C)(3), which provides national mental health resources through comprehensive virtual services. Our mission is to promote optimal mental health and well-being through advocacy, education, and virtual therapeutic supports, while seeking to reduce the stigma of mental illness. We are dedicated to helping everyone lead a mentally healthy lifestyle and obtain accessible mental health care.

According to The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), “suicide is the second leading cause of death among people aged 10-34.” Due to the overwhelming need for mental health services, QSF has created a gentle approach for introducing mental health services to those who may be suffering in silence. The Queen Shirley Foundation is a unique mental health organization that encompasses a wide-range of virtual therapeutic programs to support communities nationally.

Honor First LLC is a mental health practice that offers virtual therapy in all 50 states and Canada. In 2019, QSF was founded by Dr. Jaschon Proctor, the CEO of Honor First. She founded the Queen Shirley Foundation in honor of her mother, Queen Shirley. Her mother’s journey through her mental illness, and its eventual alleviation through a holistic therapeutic approach is the foundation for our services.


Therapeutic Workshops


For ages 15 and up, QSF offers virtual therapeutic workshops in art, music, dance, drama, and writing. Our popular Arts in Health workshop focuses on teaching coping skills, stress management, and resilience through visual art mediums such as drawing, watercolors, and collages. High school students will actually enjoy working on their mental health with our fun format.

Therapeutic workshops are taught by paid artists or musicians who are mentored by art therapists. We have a diverse group of hundreds of instructors specializing in fine arts or performing arts. The cost for clients is covered by insurance as part of a medically recommended treatment plan. There is a small cost for art workshop supplies. Most clients attend twice per week for two hours for 6-8 weeks. Workshop participants can select the workshop instructor, topic, materials list, and session that works best for them.

General Workshops

Our virtual general workshops meet only once.  Anyone can attend our general workshops. These are self-care workshops in many areas, including body positivity, holistic lifestyle, skin care, hair care, makeup, and fashion.

For schools, we can create virtual workshops around custom topics. For example, we can offer a workshop for parents on teen mental health. We can organize a workshop with wellness tips for teachers. For students, workshop topics could include stress management techniques, boosting self-esteem, and problem-solving skills.


Virtual Therapy


Honor First makes it easier for children, teens, and adults to see a therapist by offering online therapy with experienced mental health professionals for individuals, groups, families, and couples. The 100% telehealth appointments are conducted by a network of over 75 mental health professionals, which includes Licensed Master Social Workers (LMSW), Clinical Therapists, and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNP). Appointments in the US are covered by insurance, while Canada is private pay. Virtual therapy is a great option for anyone looking for mental health therapy, but especially for students and parents who lack transportation to attend in-person appointments.


Custom Virtual Mental Health Services


QSF can create custom virtual mental health services for the specific needs of your school community. Whether your school is recovering from a traumatic event or dealing with increased teacher burnout, we can customize services for you. We can help you address specific issues such as suicide prevention, grief, substance abuse, and violence. With our multicultural team speaking many languages, we can help implement programs to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion at school. Together, we can reduce the stigma of mental illness and promote optimal mental health and well-being in schools!


Are you interested in QSF mental health services for your school? Please let us know your needs by filling out our contact form.